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Wondering how the quinoa on your eggs benedict is grown? Or where the cotton in your t-shirt comes from? Well…

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Latest News:

  • AgriEducate Founder, Guy Coleman is representing Millennials in agriculture at the Ag Institute Australia “Brave New World: Ag to 2030” Conference – GenXChange session. Don’t miss it! Register your interest here.
  • We attended the 2018 Crawford Fund Conference! Head over to #CFConf2018 for the Twitter live feed, and read through our summaries and focus articles here. Have a story you’d like to share? Get in contact here
  • AgriEducate Essay Competition: Results are out! Find the full list, and downloadable compilation here.


About Us


At AgriEducate we are looking to re-engage urban and rural Australia by providing a platform for urban-rural connection, developing accessible agri-education and further encouraging involvement with agriculture.

Developing communication pathways through social media reduces the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality that can often arise with divisive issues, instead presenting both farmers and city dwellers as people trying to make the right decision by their family, morals and job. The Australian Agricultural Industry needs involvement from everyone so that it remains sustainable on an environmental, social and economic level.


AgriEducate has four formats:

  1. The AgriEducate Twitter account, connecting urban question askers with farmers
  2. AgriEducate@gmail.com for all questions, suggestions and comments for those without Twitter
  3. Farming fact sheets providing easily accessible information on general farming practices and alternatives
  4. Educational posts about food production and the agricultural industry.


Well, agriculture is fascinating topic with a diverse array of skills, technology and knowledge required and we reckon everyone has something to learn about it. Did you know beer comes from barley seed that’s just sprouted, or that cotton seed oil (extracted in the process of getting the fibre) is used in cooking? Neat, huh!

The online platform allows those without agricultural connections to connect with farmers and others in the industry, breaking down the barriers of distance. And how successful is a business that fails to understand consumer preferences? AgriEducate enables farmers to ask the consumers questions about matters important to them.

We believe that a well connected and informed industry, and an understanding populace will ensure the Australian Agricultural Industry continues to be a world leader in innovation, quality and environmental management. We hope to continue the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the industry into the future.